Greatist Collaboration: Breakfast Polenta with Honeyed-Yogurt

The raspberries at my parents house are out of control.  It’s an unruly patch out way behind the house, that’s difficult to get into but so worthwhile.  Picking from that patch is my ideal berry picking experience – fingers stained red, jammy berries just barely this side of overripe, some already with a hint of yeasty fermentation, easily picking quarts of berries at a time, taking home just enough to last a week, until the next time I’m there.  A precious treat the rest of the year, raspberries now adorn most breakfasts and desserts – cereal, oatmeal, smoothies, ice cream, cake – and this breakfast polenta.

A steaming bowl of creamy polenta, a handful of fresh raspberries, a cup of hot coffee… as we get into the cooler mornings of fall, a hot breakfast while wrapped up in your favorite sweatshirt becomes infinitely appealing.  In fact, I can’t get enough of the weather right now: fresh, chilly mornings followed by warm, dry days… there’s a reason fall is my favorite season!

Although I’ve always thought of it as a dinner food, polenta is a filling and satisfying way to start off your day.  During the week, 1/2 a cup of instant polenta, some skim milk, and a few minutes of stirring gets you a hot breakfast that still gets you to work on time.  On the weekend, use traditional polenta and whole milk for a creamier, more luxurious version.  Inspired by Ancient Grains for Modern Meals, I topped this batch with greek yogurt, honey, and raspberries; the next day, I took the leftovers in a savory direction, adding some shredded cheddar, chopped basil, and a fried egg.  Both were delicious and kept me full until lunch – which can be a challenge!  Head on over to Greatist for the recipe, and give it a try.

7 thoughts on “Greatist Collaboration: Breakfast Polenta with Honeyed-Yogurt

  1. I never thought of polenta for breakfast either–except if it was in leftover form! :) This combination with yogurt and homey sounds wonderful.

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