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Hi! thanks for stopping by. I can be reached via email at

Readers: I love hearing from you! Thank you so much for taking the time to write to me. If you have a question about a specific recipe, please leave it in the comments so that everyone can benefit from the answer. If you just want to drop me a note to say hi, please do – it always makes my day.

Sponsored Posts: I am happy to work with brands that I respect and that are a good fit for Katie at the Kitchen Door. Sponsored posts always involve original recipe development and photography, a genuine and honest discussion of your brand, and promotion across my social media channels. Past sponsored work includes :

Freelance Recipe Development & Photography: I’m available for freelance assignments in recipe development, food and travel photography, and food and travel writing. Freelance assignments may or may not include coverage on Katie at the Kitchen Door, depending on your needs. You can see examples of past freelance work on the following websites and publications:

Product Samples, Reviews, & Giveaways: I accept some product samples but I cannot commit to featuring every sample I receive here on the blog. I very rarely do straight product reviews, unless I truly love a product and it fits naturally into my regular recipe development. (One exception, I love doing cookbook reviews for my Book Club column – please feel free to get in touch about your book!) I only run giveaways when I can offer my readers something of meaningful value. If you are interested in sending me a sample for consideration or in hosting a giveaway, please send me an email and introduce your product. Please note that I will only accept samples that are relevant to my work – high quality and natural food products and kitchenwares.

Featuring My Recipes: My policy on allowing my recipes to be republished on other websites is the following: you are welcome to share a photograph of one of my recipes on your website or blog, as long as you clearly credit Katie at the Kitchen Door and link back to me for the recipe. I generally do not allow my photographs to be republished with the recipe – if you would like to do this for a particular reason, you must get my explicit permission first. Similarly, my photographs may not be republished in print for any reason without being licensed through me. Please respect this policy – I work hard to create the recipes and photographs you see on this blog.

Please note: I do not publish third party content on Katie at the Kitchen Door, and I am unable to respond to inquiries about this. I also do not republish recipes sent by brands, images, videos, or press releases – please do not send them to me.

I do get a fairly large number of emails, so please be patient with me if it takes me a while to respond. I do my best to respond to everyone, the exception being if you send me something that sounds like a form email or that is unrelated to the content I feature on Katie at the Kitchen Door. Using my name goes a long way in getting my attention!

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