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Spiced Potato and Pea Parathas

Part of me wishes I had never discovered this recipe, because now I’m kind of obsessed with these tasty little pan-fried breads. Seriously. They are the best thing that I’ve made in a… Continue reading

Monthly Fitness Goals: February // Pakistani Chickpea Pulao with Sweet Hot Date-Onion Chutney

My January fitness challenge went pretty well – although I may not have stuck to the letter of the goal, I certainly accomplished the spirit of it. Starting from a place of zero… Continue reading

Beguni – Bengali Eggplant Fritters

I came home from Andover with a lot of produce on Tuesday night – besides a giant bag of apples, I also had an armful of eggplants, a bunch of kale, and fresh… Continue reading

Cookbook of the Month: Cooking with My Indian Mother-in-Law

I knew it was dangerous for me to name a post Cookbook of the Month, implying that I really, truly would be able to review at least 1 cookbook every single month.  It… Continue reading

Indian Comfort

Over the summer I picked up a cookbook called Cooking with My Indian Mother-in-Law, written by Simon Daley.  I love Indian food, but I’ve struggled with several things when trying to cook it… Continue reading

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