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How ‘Bout … Cupcakes!

Have you seen this video?  I’m obsessed with it.  This girl has got it figured out.  Dinner time?  How about cupcakes!  Breakfast?  I know, cupcakes!  Every time she says it she is clearly… Continue reading

Cupcake Lovin’, Part Two

Megan is my rooms.  In fact, this is the fourth year in a row that she has been my rooms.  That’s a pretty solid relationship right there.  Two years ago after a particularly… Continue reading

Cupcake Lovin’, Part One

Four of my best girlfriends have their birthdays in between mid-September and the end of October.  For each of them, I am making cupcakes, because that is the best way that I can… Continue reading

Quit Playing Games with My Heart

[Disclaimer: I wrote this a month ago.  I made the cupcakes yesterday.  I am a bad blogger; forgive me.  But the story is still relevant, as the cardinal is still not cooperating, and… Continue reading

Celebrating with Lemons

Color has returned to the world!  And with it comes the promise of never-ending sunshine, bare feet in wet grass, pitchers of ice-cold lemonade, road trips with the windows down, drippy ice cream… Continue reading

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