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Ingredient of the Week: Carrots // Carrot-Grapefruit-Mango Smoothie

I was planning to post this last night, but for some reason when I got home from my run in the 35° weather, I just didn’t feel like a cold veggie smoothie. I… Continue reading

A Day Off // Roasted Carrot and Tahini Soup with Chickpeas

I took today off, not to do anything in particular, but just to have a whole day to myself, to catch up on things, clean, get organized, write, etc. A one day staycation,… Continue reading

Garden: Spaghetti with Summer Squash and Tomatoes

I’ve been waiting for this meal for a long time.  Since February, to be exact, from the moment I put the first seed in the first pot to sit in my bedroom window… Continue reading

A Summer Dinner: Cold Sesame Noodles with Veggies

So here I am in Maine.  On vacation.  My first ever real-person vacation, to be exact.  It’s been really nice, with just the right amount of activity, and just the right amount of… Continue reading

Quinoa and Brussel Sprout Primavera

Before leaving for Miami I thought that going a full week without access to a kitchen was going to be horrible.  That I would come back dying for something freshly prepared with my… Continue reading

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