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A Trip to Oman // Mint-and-Sumac Grilled Goat Chops with Tahini Sauce

As I complained about a few weeks ago, Trevor recently took a work trip to Oman. He brought back all kinds of spices and goodies from a market he visited while he was… Continue reading

Forever Winter // 1,001 Kentucky Nights

I am so over this winter. The snow has just been pouring down in Boston, and although I generally love that my office has a big window, it seems like all I can… Continue reading

Ingredient of the Week: Carrots // Moroccan Carrot Panini with Olive Tapenade

I’ve recently had a change of heart about sandwiches. See, I used to firmly believe that there was no way a vegan sandwich could ever taste good. Sandwiches are for cheese, and deli… Continue reading

Ingredient of the Week: Carrots // Savory Carrot, Feta, and Almond Baklava

I started an “Ingredient of the Week” feature earlier this year, challenging myself to make the most of a particular in-season ingredient by posting a creative recipe starring that ingredient for 5 days… Continue reading

Ingredient of the Week: Rhubarb // Persian Rhubarb and Beef with Rice

So we’ve had a little rhubarb cocktail, we’ve folded it into a whipped custardĀ for dessert, and we’ve looked at all the amazing things other bloggers are cooking up with it – now let’s… Continue reading

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