Monthly Archive: October, 2010

Iron Chef: Duke Edition

When Becky forwarded me an email announcing that Duke would be hosting its own version of Iron Chef this fall, I was too excited for words.  I’ve never really participated in any events… Continue reading

Cupcake Lovin’, Part Three

Margie – [Pronounced Marrrr-ghee]  A hilarious species native to Israel.  I mean, New York.  Known to carry a large camera, abbreviate most words in the English and Hebrew languages, and ask for crowns… Continue reading


We’ve reached that point in the semester that’s like the Wednesday of a busy week – fall break already seems like it happened months ago, Thanksgiving is about 30 midterms away, the excitement… Continue reading

Cupcake Lovin’, Part Two

Megan is my rooms.  In fact, this is the fourth year in a row that she has been my rooms.  That’s a pretty solid relationship right there.  Two years ago after a particularly… Continue reading

Recap: September

I’m literally shocked that September is already over.  It went fast.  I feel like I’ve just barely gotten to school and yet we actually just finished the fifth week of class.  So we’re… Continue reading

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