Monthly Archive: July, 2010

Healthify Yo’self – Black Bean Enchiladas

I’ve imposed a ten day baking ban on myself.  And the next three things I post on this blog will be healthy, energy-inducing, balanced meals. That’s a promise. These drastic measures are a… Continue reading


I wasn’t planning on writing anything for a while.  I felt a little bit guilty about abandoning this blog just like that, but I’ve been adjusting to some fairly major changes in …… Continue reading

Cherries for Grown-Ups, Part Two

Remember this? Yeah, I’m still really excited about it.  And I’ve had my heart set on those danishes all week.  It’s just taken me a while to get to them, because, you see,… Continue reading

Cherries for Grown-Ups

I read recently that cherries are one of the only foods that are hard to enhance beyond their natural form.  Specifically, the comment was that  “nothing captures the essence of a cherry like… Continue reading

Thank you, Canada.

The weather patterns in North Carolina have been pretty consistent so far this summer: sunny, 97°, humid, with an occasional switch to sunny, 100°, and humid.  I don’t mind that much – we… Continue reading

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