Omelette a la Trevor

I would love to have started with a fantastic recipe I just composed accompanied by a series of equally fantastic artsy pictures, but all I could do today was try and recreate the omelette that Trevor makes for me. I know, anyone can make an omelette and you don’t need a recipe at all, but I thought I’d share the flavor combination that I find so comforting and delicious. Which I needed today when I got home from my first meeting with my research advisor and realized that I’m in danger of drowning in graduate level structural dynamics. Although apparently I also needed an entire pan of underdone raspberry-chocolate chip brownies. Oh well.

Basically, when I ask him nicely, Trevor throws a few slices of onion in a pan with olive oil and a healthy sprinkling of dried basil and sautees it just for a few minutes. This creates the most amazingly delicious smell. Today I threw in a handful of spinach for the last minute to try and fool myself into a serving of vegetables. Then he does the egg bit – two or three with a splash of milk – adds the onions (and pop-eye sneak-attack veggies), a small handful of pecorino cheese, and two slices of prosciutto. Fold, trying not to break it but usually breaking it anyway, eat, feel better.

To recap: omelette – basil on onions, eggs, pecorino, prosciutto. Expect greater things from me in the future.

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