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Greatist Collaboration: Plum Sorbet

It’s been a hot summer.  Maybe it seems hotter because it’s my first full summer in the city, where I’m pretty much a sticky mess topped with a fine layer of dust by… Continue reading

Plum, Blackberry, and Cassis Galette

Trev and I had a little BBQ at my place this weekend – just a few good friends who all happened to be in town at the same time.  One is starting up… Continue reading

Greatist Collaboration: Stone Fruit Salad with Lemon-Lavender Syrup

How great is July?  Coming back to a garden that has doubled in size in a week, walking through the Copley Square farmer’s market that’s just bursting with produce, eating meals composed entirely… Continue reading

Plums in February

I know.  It’s 100% not plum season.  At least, not in Boston or anywhere else north of the equator.  But in flipping through Roast Figs Sugar Snow (isn’t that just the best cookbook name?) I… Continue reading

Plum Butter and Chocolate Crepes

When I saw plums for $1 a pound last week, I immediately grabbed a bunch with this recipe for plum-apple butter in mind.  I made this on a whim last fall, and it… Continue reading

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