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Monthly Fitness Goals: March // Chocolate-Dipped Almond Butter Cookie Bites

In January, I decided that instead of setting one big, difficult goal for my health and fitness for the whole year, I would create a new, smaller challenge for myself each month. The… Continue reading

Forever Winter // 1,001 Kentucky Nights

I am so over this winter. The snow has just been pouring down in Boston, and although I generally love that my office has a big window, it seems like all I can… Continue reading

Monday Morning Resolutions: Healthy Christmas Muffins

I’m pretty pleased with how these Monday morning resolutions are going. What I started on kind of a whim I’ve actually been able to stick with!  I haven’t eaten a single piece of… Continue reading

Cookbook of the Month: Gourmet Gifts… and Sugarplums!

Did you know sugarplums are a real thing?  That they’re more than just a name for a delightful fairy in The Nutcracker?  That you can make and eat and admire them and that… Continue reading

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