Monthly Archive: November, 2012

The Latin Road Home Blog-Around: Chipotle-Chicken Nachos

Some cookbooks are meant to be impersonal. They are written to be useful, educational, reference guides to the kitchen. But this is not true of all cookbooks. There is another group of cookbooks… Continue reading

Monday Morning Resolutions: Roasted Broccoli and Kale Caesar Salad

I didn’t do very well at my resolution last week. The resolution was to do 10 minutes of strength training/stretching every day, and, well, when you find yourself still needing to do that… Continue reading

Chestnut Potato Soup & A Foodie Gift Guide

I know that by the time I publish this, some of you will have been up for hours, standing in long lines and snagging amazing deals on everything from that perfect pair of… Continue reading

Greatist Collaboration: Brussels Sprout, Sweet Potato, and Chorizo Hash

The big day is almost here! I’m headed home for the holiday (and bringing this cake and this salad with me), but I wanted to say a quick hello first and share with… Continue reading

Monday Morning Resolutions & A Mango, Satsuma and Black Rice Salad

Last week I wrote about a new little thing I’m trying – making a week-long resolution relating to health and trying to stick with it all week. The trick is that you have… Continue reading

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