Monthly Archive: October, 2011

Cookbook of the Month: The New Portuguese Table

Hey, two months in a row!  Look at me, fulfilling promises and everything.  This month’s cookbook is David Leite’s “The New Portuguese Table,” a fairly recent compendium of traditional Portuguese recipes with a… Continue reading

Curried Apple Couscous

Apple picking is a great activity.  It’s fun, it’s wholesome, it’s New Englandy, it’s outside, it promotes local food, and if you go with someone you secretly don’t like you can throw apples… Continue reading

Beguni – Bengali Eggplant Fritters

I came home from Andover with a lot of produce on Tuesday night – besides a giant bag of apples, I also had an armful of eggplants, a bunch of kale, and fresh… Continue reading

Apple Pancakes and Playing Hookey

Because I spent most of last weekend at the office, I took Tuesday as a comp day to try and make up for the beautiful fall weather we had on Saturday and Sunday. … Continue reading

Sage Pesto, Apples, and Fall

Since starting work, my goal has been to get the cooking and photographs for two posts done each Sunday, so that I can post twice a week without having to worry about shooting… Continue reading

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