Monthly Archive: February, 2011

Beet Ravioli

Please vote for my entry in the Marx Foods Ridiculously Delicious challenge here! Remember when I competed (and won 2nd place!) in Duke’s Iron Chef competition and got a fancy pasta machine and… Continue reading


Vote for me here! The second stage of the “Ridiculously Delicious Challenge” hosted by Marx Foods consists of developing your own recipe using two ingredients out of a box sent by Marx Foods. … Continue reading


When I get a craving for something, it will not go away until I eat that thing, and exactly that thing.  Actively depriving myself of that thing for a full week does not… Continue reading

Out of Commission/Ridiculously Delicious Challenge #1

*Please forgive the gratuitous duck picture.  I couldn’t bare looking at a completely colorless post.  Also I think I’m really funny. Due to an unfortunate accident involving a faulty tupperware container, this soup,… Continue reading

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