The Summer, In Pictures

Hurricane Island

The beautiful view from Hurricane Island, Maine.

It seems impossible that it is already September. And even more so that by the time I am back, once again, from Russia (and recovered from another intense trip), it will be, truly, the middle of September. A big part of me feels like it’s still waiting for summer to begin – for long, lazy days in the sun, for late-night summer barbecues with friends, for adventures to the mountains and to the beach. Really, I think I am just waiting for a break, a rest; I have some intrinsic expectation of vacation after so many years where summer meant only freedom. Still, when I take a moment to actually think about the past four months, so much has happened. Good things! And so, although I originally meant to do these round-ups more frequently (see January, and March), here is an instagrammish tour of my whirlwind summer.


My favorite boys, happy on a boat.

One thing this summer contained a lot of was travel. A week-long trip to Italy in May was our first self-funded international vacation. I wrote about the trip in detail (and shared two delicious recipes) here and here, but a few instagram snaps are in order, too. And then of course, the four weeks I have spent in Russia since the middle of July – a somewhat unexpected but exciting turn of events this summer.

collage11) Our first evening in Rome, a rainy trip to the Colosseum; 2) Nuns at St. Peter’s; 3) Fields of poppies in the Maremma; 4) A hike through an olive grove in Florence; 5) Golden fountains at Peterhof, Russia; 6) The view from my office in St. Petersburg

And despite the fact that it felt far too short, I did have one blissful week of true summertime, spent mostly in Maine with my family and Trevor, ending with one quick, lovely day on Cape Cod with my aunts and uncles and cousins to celebrate my grandfather’s 80th birthday. (Which was also my first time meeting my baby cousin Timmy, and I couldn’t have been happier to let him play cars with me all day.)

collage21) Buck’s Harbor on a beautiful Maine day; 2) Dramatic sunset cruise in Maine; 3) My first Cape Cod beach day in years

Probably the thing that has kept me the most sane this summer has been the garden, and our weekly visits have been some of the most peaceful, beautiful moments of the whole summer. Gardening is always a bit of a roller-coaster, but we’ve had plenty of produce to show for our efforts this year.

collage31) The spring garden, before it exploded with tomatoes and cucumbers; 2) Blackberry flowers in full bloom; 3) A quick rope-swing break; 4) 20 pounds of tomatoes; 5) Fava bean flowers; 6) August harvest days

Of course, a big event was moving – packing, unpacking, cleaning, painting, the whole shebang, all during that awful stretch of 100 degree weather. But! Now we are getting settled, for the most part, and all that effort is becoming worth it. And one other, smaller event – two weeks of intensive ballet camp for me, of which I don’t have any pictures, but lots of memories.

collage41) Painting (note that awful turquoise color under a few layers of paint); 2) Moving essentials; 3) Moving – 1, Trevor – 0; 4) A post-ballet recital banana split

And despite running at 110%, I still had the chance to make some delicious recipes this summer. A recap of some favorites:


1) Crispy Eggplant Sandwiches with Garlic-Ricotta Spread; 2) Rhubarb and Ricotta Bavarese; 3) Strawberry Sour-Cream Ice Cream; 4) Carbonara Pizza; 5) Lemon-Rosemary Gin Fizz with Cucumber Sorbet; 6) Red Currant Crumb Bars

So while I certainly could use a few more weeks of summer, I have to admit it’s been a good one. Fall is a beautiful time, my favorite, and I hope to fill it with as many good, happy things as I can.

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