Monthly Archive: September, 2010

To Russia, With Love

I miss hearing and speaking slavic languages.  It seems a little odd, but I actually find what most people consider to be the harsh sounds of Russian and Czech very soothing, perhaps because… Continue reading

Cupcake Lovin’, Part One

Four of my best girlfriends have their birthdays in between mid-September and the end of October.  For each of them, I am making cupcakes, because that is the best way that I can… Continue reading

Rotisserie Chicken Chronicles #2

When I titled a post “Rotisserie Chicken Chronicles #1,” I had sort of planned on, you know, doing more than one post about rotisserie chicken in the 3 months that followed.  But no,… Continue reading

Aliens and Eggplant

In July, the Belmont gym was remodeled.  This caused little to no excitement for me.  Then Megan came home from her inaugural use of the facility and announced that every single machine has… Continue reading

Sorry, August.

Dear Blog, I’m sorry about August.  I really meant to spend a lot of time with you, whisking, mincing, drinking nice wines, holding hands… but I got distracted, and I let things slide. … Continue reading

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