Monthly Archive: June, 2010


Tapioca reminds me of my dad.  I’m not really sure why, as it’s been years since I’ve had it other than the sort-of-questionable snack pack version.  But I have this extremely hazy but… Continue reading

Rotisserie Chicken Chronicles #1

I just discovered rotisserie chicken, and it has solved all of the world’s (my) problems.  I’ve been flirting with these golden birds for a while.  When I was in Paris last year I… Continue reading

Quit Playing Games with My Heart

[Disclaimer: I wrote this a month ago.  I made the cupcakes yesterday.  I am a bad blogger; forgive me.  But the story is still relevant, as the cardinal is still not cooperating, and… Continue reading

Shortcake Remix

I recently joined a baking challenge group called Have the Cake, and yep, every month they choose a cake that the members have to make and blog about.  I was really attracted to… Continue reading


My internet persona has been so M.I.A.  It’s just that I got distracted by real life things like moving to a new apartment and hunting down my missing research advisor and learning to… Continue reading

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